Anointing Your Home Brings Peace

oilSleep was not coming.


Night after night I struggled with fear and anxiety. An oppression hung over my home, and I swore I could hear things like someone walking around my room when there was no one there.

I was afraid to talk to anyone about it, thinking they’d think I was crazy. But then I came across a pastor who did not think those things were crazy at all, and she knew exactly what to do.

We walked around my home, anointing the doors and windows with oil, and we asked the Holy spirit to come in and dwell in my home. At the same time, we told any ungodly spirit that it was not welcome anymore.

I anointed my pillow, and asked God to give me sweet sleep.

From this I learned that anointing your home and pleading the Blood of Jesus over it is a powerful tool.

We can also walk around our property and anoint the property lines. You don’t have to pour the whole bottle out, just anoint at certain points in the property and invite the Holy Spirit in, telling any ungodly spirit that it cannot stay on your property.

We even did this in our neighborhood, anointing the street and asking the Holy spirit to dwell on our street and declared evil wasn’t welcome there. After my husband and I did this, there was a noticeable difference in our neighborhood.

If you feel evil coming back again, repeat the process.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. We should be at peace in them.

And when we are not, we have the tools to bring the Holy Spirt onto the scene.

Some further resources on anointing your home are as follows:

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