He Kept It In His Pocket

Photo Credit Oskarmm sxc.hu

Photo Credit Oskarmm sxc.hu

When Moses sent the Israelites to spy out the land God was giving to them, only two came back with a good report. The good report was measured with what God had said. The bad report was measured by what the men saw around them, seeing themselves as small and the people of the land as bigger than they were (Numbers 13-14).

When we see our circumstances according to ourselves, things can look dreary. But when we see things according to the way God has spoken to us through prayer and His word, things look a lot better.

Those sent out to spy the land who came back with a negative report never entered the land. Those who did not believe never entered God’s rest (Hebrews 3).

I knew a man in Bible College, He wrote down what God had promised him, and he kept that piece of paper in his pocket every single day. He would pull it out and look at it. That is one way to keep our eyes on God’s promises to us.

There will be many people who will try to drag us down, try to get us to join them in their unbelief, when in fact they are the ones staying in the wilderness for their lack of belief. Don’t let them take your promised land from you. Keep the word of God in your eyes, mouth, ears and mind. Keep it in front of you, even if it’s like my friend in Bible College who kept God’s promises in his pocket.

God has given you His word. His word will not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11). Don’t give up. Don’t stop believing. Be the one who steps into the Promised Land, and not the one who stays in the wilderness.

God Bless you today as you keep God’s word in your eyes, ears, mind and heart!