He Carries You


Last year, wave after wave of crisis left our family in turmoil. It seemed we couldn’t catch our breaths before another crisis came.

 It all started when my son came down with pneumonia. The first hospital we went to didn’t catch it, and our Dr. sent him to Children’s Hospital a few days later.

Until then, I could only imagine the fear a parent experiences when their child is that ill. We were fortunate the Doctors at Children’s caught what was wrong, and he was able to go home to recover.

Two weeks later, I came down with pneumonia myself.

 Soon after, a family member went through a horrible trauma that touched all our lives. I can’t divulge her story here, but what happened to her was so traumatic it left us angry, shocked, and in tears.  

  A month after that, my mother suffered a massive stroke. She lost the use of her right side, and ended up having to go through rehabilitation, and was placed into an adult home. She will be going home next month, but her life will never be the same.

Grief after grief, crisis after crisis.

Would it ever end? When could we just have a normal day again?

I knew the importance of being in God’s presence before this, and He had carried me through so much already. But during this time my need for Him became deeper still. I felt Him ministering to my heart in some of the most trying times we’ve ever walked through as a family.

The times spent in His presence carried me through the days I could not get away to be alone with Him; Days spent in hospitals, with family, waiting for news, hoping it was good.

Whatever time you take to spend time with God today, is not wasted time. It may carry you through some days you are not able to get alone with him at all. You cannot control the storms of life, or even when they come. But you can seek the one who is bigger than all the storms put together, and will carry you through each one.


Lord Jesus, I surrender my life and my day to you. Help me find the time to seek your presence in my life on a daily basis. Lead me and guide me in the ways that I should go. Thank you that I am in your hands, and you will carry me through every storm. In Jesus name, Amen.


Image courtesy of Dan/freedigitalphotos.net