A Prayer Breaking Off Dysfunctional Patterns

prayerwomanFather God, I renounce all agreements I have made with generational patterns of dysfunction and curses over my life. I break the power of all agreement with those now in Jesus name.

Thank you, Father God, that you take what was meant for evil, and you turn it around for good. Thank you that you take all the heartache and pain I’ve been through, and though I may not understand how, you turn it all into a blessing, using it for the good of your kingdom.

Thank you for complete restoration and your intervention in my life, breaking off generational patterns of brokenness and heartache. Thank you, Father. I release all heartache and pain into your hands, and I ask for your goodness to come and show itself in my life.

I declare that you are good God, and that you have good in store for me, because you Lord, love your precious people, and I am one of your precious daughters, beautiful, valuable and dearly loved by you.

Thank you that your goodness and your blessing manifest themselves in my life. I choose to speak of the goodness of God. Holy spirit, remind me to speak of God’s goodness when my words turn negative.

In Jesus name, amen.

© Carolyn Rice 2018

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