How To Pray For Restoration

heartpuzzleIt nearly swallowed me whole.

The emotional and spiritual pain became my sole focus.

I prayed about the pain, cried to God about it, and then talked about it to anyone who would listen. I was really searching for someone, anyone to help me.

You, like me, may have been told God can help. But you still might wonder, how in the world do you trust God for restoration when you’ve been wounded by those you should have been able to trust?

Following are some things I’ve learned in my own healing journey. God ultimately is the healer, yet these are some things you can do to come into agreement with His plan for your healing.



Say out loud, Lord, I give this pain and heartache to you. It is your burden and not mine.

Sometimes it helps to physically lift your hands as if you are lifting the pain up to God.

In surrendering, we are giving the solving of the problem into God’s hands.

Choose to forgive:

Scripture says, and when you stand praying, forgive if you have ought against any (See Mark 11:25).

Realize forgiveness is a choice.


Father I choose to forgive ________________ for________________. I leave this offense in your hands, and I release it to you. I ask you that you would come and heal the wounds within my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.


Pray the Promises:

Now that you have surrendered the pain, and forgiven, pray the promises over your situation.

The following prayer is based on four scriptures:

Psalm 147:3    1 John 3:1   John 14:18    Joel 2:25

 Lord, thank you that you heal my broken heart and bind up my wounds. Thank you that you will not leave me as an orphan, but that I am a child of God, delighted in and dearly loved. Thank you that you restore to me all the years that have been stolen. In Jesus name, Amen.

One thing I have learned throughout the process of healing is that we cannot heal ourselves. But what we can do is bring our brokenness, our baggage before God, and ask Him to pick up the pieces.

It will not happen overnight, but is a process that takes time. If you invite God in to work, He can do more than you can ask or imagine (See Ephesians 3:20).

In his love,


© Carolyn Rice 2018