Come as a child

Photo Credit MarcelTH

When I sit down to read my Bible, I don’t do it as a duty.

I first ask the Lord what He wants me to see in the word that day, and when I read things stand out to me. One of the ways the Lord speaks is through His word.

If I treated the word as a duty, it would become a burden very fast. Instead, treat it as if you’re sitting down with a friend. I always get a cup of tea in the morning, and then sit down with God.

If you had a child, and you knew they only came to see you because they had to, and not because they wanted to, how would that make you feel? God wants us to spend time with Him, not out of duty, but out of relationship, a wanting to be with Him.

Your Heavenly Father is waiting to spend time with you. He wants to speak to your heart. Will you lay down all sense of duty and just come to Him as a child today?