How To Step Into Your Healing

beach-768642_640It was a simple email, yet, it would change my life.

In my inbox sat an invitation to those who had gone through the Cleansing Stream retreat to go deeper, and take part in a two-year program of discipleship.

As soon as I read it, I had this knowing that my husband and I were supposed to go. My husband was a bit more reluctant, having a feeling he should come, but not understanding why.

That first night, we timidly walked into the classroom and took our seats, not knowing what to expect.

Through this two-year commitment, we received healing for ourselves and our marriage, and learned how to walk others through the process of healing. This was the class that God used to catapult us into ministry.

But that very first night, we were only following the Lord’s leading to go to a class.

I had been crying out for God to heal my brokenness, and this was His answer. It did not come with flashing lights and great pomp, but only in an email, and a knowing that I should go.

Have you also been crying out to the Lord, asking Him to heal your broken heart?

Today, lift your hands to God in surrender, and tell Him you accept His plan for your healing. Tell Him you are tired of trying to do it on your own or even trying to figure it all out. Choose instead to trust, and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a knowing in your heart when the answer comes.

And then, when you get that knowing about something that may be so simple, ask your heavenly Father for the courage to take that step. As you move forward, He will bring it all together.

Your simple obedience walks you into God’s divine plan.

In His love,



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© Carolyn Rice 2017