Freedom From the Brokenness of Childhood Abuse

brokenflowersI used to be afraid I would always be broken, always hurt and never be healed.

I couldn’t understand why those awful things happened to me, and wondered if it was really my fault. When you’ve been abused, one of the first things the abuser tells you is that what  they’re doing to you is your fault, that you drove them to it, or that you caused the abuse in some way.

Of course, this is a lie, but when you hear it enough, you start to wonder if it’s true.

The more I’ve healed the more I’ve realized the lies and treatment I experienced were not my fault. I was not responsible for the actions of another, nor did I incur the abuse by my behavior.

Healing has been a process that has taken years, and the Lord has walked me through all of it. It is like peeling an onion. The Lord deals with one thing at a time; then when we think we’re done, and we take a deep breath, we notice something else we need to surrender.

And with each thing the Lord deals with, we get a little better. And one day, we notice we aren’t having the harsh reactions we used to have, or our relationships are better, or we’re not afraid of something anymore.

If we are surrendering our hurts and the abuse we’ve suffered to the Lord, and allowing Him to work in our lives, we are always growing and always getting better.

You will not always suffer; you will not always hurt the way you do now. Little by little, as you surrender, the Lord will lead you through those things.


Father God, I surrender my heart to you. I surrender all the hurt, the brokenness and pain. I ask that you would bring healing to every place that I have been traumatized or abused. In the name of Jesus, satan I bind you from tormenting me with thoughts and memories that are not of God, and I remove your strongholds from my mind now in Jesus name. Father God, I invite you  in to heal, to replace the lies I’ve been told with the truth of your love for me. Walk me out of this darkness into your place of healing, and thank you that you will not leave me here. In Jesus name, Amen.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.~ Psalm 34:18 NLT


© Carolyn Rice 2017

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