It’s been a long time since I’ve written.

I finished my public speaking class. It was a wonderful class taught by a sweet wonderful 91 year old man who has pastored for years and years, as well as served in many different areas. He is full of wisdom and wants us all to do well.

During the Public Speaking class, he kept talking about the next class coming up, that went with that class, called Homiletics (the art of preaching). I kept feeling a pull to take that class too. After talking to my husband, I decided that if I was going to take that class too, I might as well see how many credits I needed to get the rest of my degree. (right now I have a certificate of Biblical Studies).

After talking to the Dean, it turns out that with some transfer credits from another college I went to, I am just 15 credits away from my Associates of Biblical studies. So.. back to Bible college I went!

I am taking 4 classes at this time, auditing the Homiletics class because I only need Bible Credits to graduate. I only thought I was going back for one class…Surprise, I’m finishing my degree!

I think my favorite is the Hermeneutics (the art of interpreting the scriptures) and Homiletics class. I’ve been sitting here thinking about writing, thinking I don’t have enough time to come up with something for my blog…when I thought I could just post about school for the time being.

Anyways…talk later.

God Bless you and keep you, and give you peace.