The Storm is Almost Over!

image courtesy of Iamnee/

image courtesy of Iamnee/

I’ve seen a picture in my mind of myself and other Christians, walking through the mud and mire. We’ve heard our Savior’s call and we’ve taken steps of faith, only to meet with the mud, mud so thick it seemed it would suck our feet right down to the bottom. Mud consisting of opposition, discouragement, people’s comments and jealousy, people’s insecurities that would try to keep us down, and in the middle of it all, at times, we’ve felt like sitting down and not going on anymore.

Then I see, that we are so close to the edge of the end of this mud and muck. We are almost there! And at the shore, up to his knees in the mud and mire, Jesus is calling us to keep our eyes on him and him alone. Don’t look at the other people throwing mud at you or distracting you with their sins that break your heart, keep your eyes on Jesus and Jesus alone.

There are only a few more steps to take! Don’t give up, you are almost there! Jesus is calling to his people to keep moving forward. Even when the steps feel as if they take every ounce of energy, keep your eyes on him and respond to HIS voice, no one else’s.

His promises are true. Many have questioned, and even I have struggled at times, wondering if his promises would come true or not, and that is a lie of the enemy. God’s promises are true (Romans 3:4), his answers are yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20)! Keep walking, Keep moving towards Him, pretty soon we will be out of this muck, away from the mudslingers and out of the storm, into the loving arms of Jesus, who is so proud of us for keeping on when the going has been so tough.

He gives us his hand and helps us step out of the mud and the mire, and he takes us in his arms, though we are muddy and dirty from the fight. He doesn’t mind at all, because at his touch, he heals our broken hearts and cleanses us from the mud and mire the journey has dirtied us with.

It has been a hard road, and it’s almost over! We’re stepping into our destinies.

Don’t give up! Don’t stop! Keep going, even if takes all the strength you have to take the next step! There is something Greater ahead. A recompense for the work you’ve done and the things you have suffered.

In Webster’s 1828 dictionary, Recompense is defined as to compensate; to make return of an equivalent for anything given, done or suffered; ….

And this recompense will come in full, from the Lord. I believe we will see a series of suddenlies, which we will know could only come from our loving Father in heaven!

I know that I myself have struggled with discouragement, and trusting the Lord in the midst of the trials. Would you pray with me a prayer to send discouragement fleeing?

Lord Jesus, Please forgive me for believing the things I saw around me, rather than believing you and your promises. I repent for giving in to discouragement and apathy.  Discouragement and apathy, in the name of Jesus I renounce every agreement I’ve made with you. I break your power  over my life, and I command you to leave me now! Jesus I choose to trust you. Where encouragement is needed I pray that you would provide it.  Help me to trust in you and in your promises, to not give in to discouragement or apathy anymore, In Jesus name, Amen.