Photo Credit ba1969

Photo Credit ba1969

While in Bible College, I listened to a teacher tell us of a woman who was part of a family who were all great speakers and teachers of the word. This woman didn’t feel like a great speaker, and felt she couldn’t compare to how great the other members of her family were.

So when it was her turn to speak, she would spend time in prayer telling God she was relying on Him. She knew it was not her that was going up there to speak, it had to be Him through her because she knew she couldn’t do it without Him.

Our teacher went on to say that this woman, out of that whole family, was the best speaker she had ever heard.

Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that we can’t do anything without Him. It’s only through His grace that we are saved and living this life in Christ. Not one of us does what we do because of ourselves. It is only by Him and His grace.

But by the grace of God I am what I am…(1 Cor 15:10A).