Sample Devotion From Lord, I’m Broken


Day 66

You Matter

You are the light of the world.
Matthew 5:14A NKJV

A box of donated books sat on the counter.
All the kids gathered around and grabbed one. I was the last one to get my book, and there was only one left.
The Bible.
I reached in, took it, and started towards my room.
An older boy, who looked on with the others, said, “Don’t you know that’s the Bible?”
“I know.” I made a point not to look at him as I walked by.
That night, in a dimly lit, sparse room, I opened that Bible and read. Words of life, hope, and comfort came off those pages and jumped into my heart. After much trauma, and away from my family, I held in my hands a Bible that someone had lovingly donated to a traumatized teenager who felt very alone.
You may not know what God does with your prayers, or even with a small act of kindness. But every time you pray, and every time you follow the leading of the Lord, you are making a difference in this dark world, shining the light of Jesus, like a candle showing the way home.
Through your prayers, and your kindness, Jesus is giving someone hope today. You matter, you are very significant. You are a light shining brightly for the kingdom of God.


In the name of Jesus, I break the power of the lie that has told me I was insignificant and that my prayers did not matter. I break that lie off of my mind now, and I declare that every one of my prayers matters, making a difference in someone’s life. Father, encourage me in my prayers and small acts of kindness, show me how significant they are to you, to others, and to your kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.


Taken from Lord, I’m Broke: A 90-Day Devotional page 131-132

Copyright Carolyn Rice 2016