Breaking the Power Of Abusive Words

bubble-157919_1280“There have been things spoken over you,” my friend said as we prayed. She felt these ungodly words were hindering my everyday life.

Those who abused me had spoken awful things, and the words had penetrated my heart, seeping down into my very being, leaving me wracked with shame, guilt and a sense of ugliness inside.

As part of the process of my healing, I had to break the power of those words and replace them with what God’s word says about me. I had to decide that I would not come under what people had spoken or the judgements many made about me while I was broken, when they didn’t really know me at all.

Words have great power. Something a child hears can ring through their mind thirty years later, bringing the pain with it, as if they were spoken only yesterday.

Words have the power of life and death (See Proverbs 18:21). They have the power to encourage or discourage, to build up or to tear down.

If you consistently hear negative words over yourself, it doesn’t motivate you to do well, or encourage you at all. In fact, it may make you feel like giving up altogether.

But when you hear godly, truthful words about yourself, it encourages you, builds you up and helps you keep going.

Let me give you an example. Speak the following words out loud and pay attention to how they make you feel.

God has great plans for me!

I am God’s treasure.

I am valuable and precious in the kingdom of God.

God has created me for a purpose, and loves me dearly.

Those words bring encouragement and healing. They build  up, while negative words bring you down.

So how do you deal with negative words, sometimes called word curses, that have been spoken over your life?

  1. Realize the Source:

    Where did those words really come from? The Bible says that Satan is a liar and the father of lies (See John 8:44).

They may have come from an unkind, angry and bitter person, but the father of those words was Satan himself.

  1. Reject Ungodly Words

When you hear ungodly words spoken towards you or a family member, whether they are from your own mouth or someone else’s, you can reject them and break their power over you or your loved one’s life.

An example of a prayer you can pray is:

You ungodly words, I reject you! I break your power in my life and renounce every agreement I have made with you. I render every word curse spoken over me powerless and ineffective now in Jesus mighty name.


  1. Receive what God has said about you:

Write down a verse that God says about you, one that especially speaks to your heart.

An example might be:

Colossians 1:22

Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault. ~ New Living Translation


Receive that word for yourself. Say:

Father God, I thank you that you have reconciled me to yourself through Christ, and because of this, I am holy, unblemished and blameless in your sight. I receive your words about me and thank you for your truth. Help me to retain your word in my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.


Write this scripture down and go over it every day. Hang it on the mirror in your bathroom or carry it with you. Keep reminding yourself of this truth. It may take a month or two to really get deep down into your heart, but it is worth it.


  1. Ask God to put a guard over your mouth:

Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;
Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Psalm 141:3 NKJV


Pay attention to what you speak over yourself and others. Remember that words can damage, or they can heal. One example given while my husband and I taught the Cleansing Stream Seminars was that of toothpaste. Once a word is spoken, we cannot put it back in the tube, we can only clean it up.

Guard the garden of your heart today. Do some weeding by rejecting negative words, and do some fertilizing and planting by receiving what God’s word says about you. Then watch as your heart flourishes.

In his love,


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