Thirty Minutes A Day Changed My Life

prayingI did it every day.

After I took my kids to school in the morning, I turned on some worship music in my kitchen, and while nobody was home but me, I belted out songs of worship and spent time with the Lord.

Sometimes I cried, bringing Him my tears.

Sometimes I was quiet, listening for His voice.

It became a sacred time, a time I looked forward to every weekday.

I received direction, healing and wisdom during those times.

It was only thirty minutes out of my day, but it totally changed my life. In my kitchen, I developed an intimate relationship with my Lord.

This is where I learned He was listening to me, just as much as I was trying to listen to Him. This is where I learned He heard my cries, He saw my tears, He had compassion on my brokenness, and where I learned that He really cared about me, His child.

Do you have a sacred time, a sacred place where you can be alone and let it all out before the Lord?

It might be in your car on the way to work in the morning. I had a teacher in Bible College who said her hour drive to work each morning was her prayer time.

“Sometimes I get really into it and yell at the devil. Sometimes I would hit the steering wheel and shout. And those other drivers, they just looked at me like I was some crazy lady, but I didn’t care.” She said.

That was her sacred time, her sacred space.

It might be at night before you go to Bed, early in the morning, on your lunch hour, or on a walk.

Whatever time it is that you take, take it without feeling guilty. This is time that you need for you. And don’t try to have someone else’s prayer time either…God has made us each uniquely. My husband thrives outside in nature, that is where he loves to meet God. I like worship music and regular time alone.

Take some time with Jesus today, time to listen, pray or worship. Develop that intimate relationship with Him. Know that He hears your cries, He sees your tears, and He has a plan for your restoration.


But the prayer of the upright is His delight~ Proverbs 15:8 NASB


In His Love,



© Carolyn Rice 2018


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