Your Heavenly Father is With You

sheepFather God, I will not fear, for you are with me. I am not alone, and you will never leave me nor forsake me (Heb. 13:5). Even though my father and mother forsake me, you take me as your own (Psalm 27:10). When I have been disappointed, hurt and failed by people, I know that you will never fail me, and you look on me with love. I know that you have a plan. So I rise up once again, and place myself in your care. I choose to trust you. I choose not to fear, but to trust in your love for me, and that you are good. I invite your presence into my life.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Action Step: When you feel alone, thank the Lord that He is with you in that very moment.  Invite His presence to fill the place where you are.  

I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you. ~ John 14:18 NKJV

© Carolyn Rice 2017