How To Overcome Fear and Anxiety

postitnotesOne of the most powerful things I have done is put scriptures in a plastic bag and tape them to my bathtub wall.

When I took a shower in the morning, I would see those verses, and I would speak them over and over while I got ready in the morning. When I first started doing this I wondered if anything would really happen, but as I continued I realized how powerful declaring the word out loud is!

It made my prayer time more powerful because I was praying the word.

It extinguished the niggling doubts, anxiety and fear over situations, whether they changed or not.

Now, when I start to struggle with fear or discouragement, I know that I have lapsed on declaring the word. As of this writing, I have picked three scriptures to declare while I am getting ready in the morning.

Instead of focusing on the circumstances around me, I am focusing on the truth of what God says, and it is so powerful. I am almost embarrassed to say that sometimes I forget to do this, and I always notice when I do!

So, this week, will you join me in declaring the word of God as you get ready in the morning, as you do your dishes, or even as you take a walk?

This will not only change the atmosphere in the place you declare it, it will change you and your perspective on the circumstances around you!

  • Find two to three scriptures that speak to your current circumstances or situation. Ask the Holy spirit to lead and guide you as you find these and write them down.


  • Place them in a place where you will see them on a regular basis. I have some posted on my wall in my bedroom now, but I started with my shower.


  • It doesn’t take long of repeating those scriptures over and over while you get ready to have them memorized.


  • Continue to speak them over and over for the next couple of months.


Watch and see what happens in your mind and heart as you do this!

I would love to hear what this does for you, feel free to comment, message or email me!

In His love,



2 thoughts on “How To Overcome Fear and Anxiety

  1. thequeenofquitealot

    What a great idea! I have scriptures scattered all over the house and put them as reminders on my phone to pop up during the day. I’d never make it without these truths planted!
    I’m thinking it would be fun to hope you move next door to me! 🙂


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