Surrendering it Again

handI sat with a pastor the other day discussing an old battle wound.

You see, it wasn’t a wound incurred by an enemy, but by someone in the church. Friendly Fire, I think it’s called.

When you can say with David, “even my own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel up against me,” (Psalm 41:9 NKJV) that’s harder.

There are the questions.

And the struggle.

You love them, yet they wronged you, failed you, hung you out to dry.

In my experience, these are the wounds that are the most painful, the hardest to heal from.

And so, while talking with this pastor, she talked about surrendering our hearts. Not just the wounds, but our whole broken hearts, putting them into God’s hands, entrusting them to Him.

And it was the reminder I needed.

When things come back to haunt you, once again, you have to surrender not just the pain, but your whole heart back to God, and trust Him for healing.

There are times when we have forgiven and forgiven, and it’s just not doing anything anymore. That’s when it’s time to just heal.

Lift your heart up to God and let Him have the whole thing.


Lord, I surrender not just the hurt, but my whole heart up to you right now. Father God, I place it into your hands and I entrust it to you. I ask that you bring me on a journey of healing and complete restoration. In Jesus name, Amen.


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  1. irwinpartyof5

    Thank you for sharing and for the reminder of how surrendering and forgiveness isn’t always a “one time” action…it is a process and one that is vital in the recovery of our broken hearts.

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