The Small Step of Obedience Part 2

This week is a continuation of last week’s post.typewriter-28701_1280

I told you I’d tell you this week how God was faithful at the writer’s conference.

  • I met a wonderful lady right off the bat. We started talking like we were old friends. She shared her story and I told her mine.
  • I kept meeting new people all throughout the day. I collected a whole slew of cards.
  • My editor and agent appointments: I just have to tell you the whole story!

I was on the waiting list to meet this certain agent. They told me to watch my phone because I was second in line. I highly doubted I would get in to see him though, because who would miss their appointment with a book agent?

I wasn’t even paying attention to my phone.

But at 3:56 on Friday, I just decided I should take my phone out and look at it. I have no doubt that was God, because I was busy with other things.

And to my surprise I had a text from the appointment desk.

Hi Carolyn. We may have an appointment with (the agent) opening up. If you still want it, let me know and come to the appointment desk by 4 to find out if it’s available.

By 4? It was 3:56!

I hurried to the appointment desk.

“Just in time!” the lady said. “Do you still want it?”


I had doubted that I would even get in to see this agent, but God made sure I looked at my phone just in time.

Now if I could  get over my nervousness!

Thirty minutes later I was sitting at a table across from Bill. We talked…but I was so nervous!  I had gone through an orientation in the morning, and I had felt so confident, but now the words spilled over themselves.

Yet God was still faithful.

“Send that to me.” Bill ended up saying.

And then, with great courage I said, “I also have this other book.”

“Send that to me too.”

God was faithful, even when I had doubted.

  • Another way God was faithful:

I got to meet Bill Myers, one of my favorite authors. If you have not read his stuff, I highly recommend it. In fact, I was at the book table buying a couple of his books, and said, “Wasn’t Bill going to be signing his books?”

“Oh, yes, if you find him, he’ll sign them for you. He’s around here somewhere,” said the saleslady.

I didn’t even have to look for him. For right after I said that, who should walk right up but Bill himself. He was happy to sign my books.

  • The conference was a great experience, and God showed his faithfulness over and over. Even when we obey his promptings afraid or doubting, God is still faithful!

What is one way God has been faithful in your life when you have obeyed Him?

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