The Owl at Midnight

Photo Credit RobHoward

Photo Credit RobHoward

This is an older post. I thought I would share it this week as I’m gearing up for a writer’s conference, and  in honor of the Owls that are living near our backyard. Enjoy!


It was midnight.

I came downstairs to sit a while so I wouldn’t keep my husband awake. I had been sick and rested so much in the past couple of days I just wasn’t tired anymore.

I sat peacefully enjoying the quiet, when all the sudden a bloodcurdling scream pierced the air from our backyard! I immediately jumped to my feet, and the first words out of my mouth were, “I plead the blood of Jesus!”

Then I crept upstairs and woke my husband to tell him there was something outside. He got up and looked around. Finally, we heard the scream again.

My husband looked at me, “Haven’t you ever heard a barred owl scream?”

After I found out what the sound was, I felt  foolish running upstairs to wake my husband. But then I realized in a moment of fear the first words out of my mouth were that of my savior. I was glad for that, because it hadn’t always been the case.

When we’re on this journey with Jesus, sometimes it’s hard to see how much we’re growing. But then something happens and our reactions have changed, or we realize we trust Him more. Every time we choose to open our Bibles, follow his leading or spend time with Jesus in worship and prayer, we are choosing to grow a little more in Him.

Every day, choose to do something to bring yourself closer to Jesus. Read your Bible, have a time of prayer, even just lay down and listen to worship music, inviting His presence into your life.

God Bless you as you grow in Jesus today!