The Key to Freedom

keyAs a heartbroken, weak and weary individual, I couldn’t even imagine freedom from the bondage of my past. I carried it with me everywhere I went, oppression weighing so heavy on my heart that I physically drooped from it. I thought I would be imprisoned in the pain and heartache of my past forever.

Yet in Christ I found freedom.

When I put the truth of God’s word into my heart, that’s when I started getting stronger. That’s when I could stand up to the lies of the enemy and say they weren’t true. That’s when Jesus wrapped his healing arms around me and led me out of the darkness of depression and fear.

Slowly, day by day, I made reading the word a habit and put scripture into my heart through memorization. I grew from a person who barely stood at all spiritually, to a person who received encouragement and strength to stand strong.

Ephesians 6 talks about putting on the armor of God. The first part it talks about is the belt of truth. When we put the truth in our hearts, it gives us strength to stand through life’s storms. No longer will we wilt under the pressures of daily life on top of  pain from the past.

The storms can rage around us, blowing so fiercely that weariness overwhelms us, and we may not feel strong at all.  But the truth is, if we’re standing on God’s word, though the storm touches everything in our path, yet we stand.

So how do we get to this place where we stand firm through the storms of life, holding fast to our beliefs and not letting the world get us down?

1.     Daily Bible Reading:

You know your schedule. You know what works best for you. At some part of your day, get some word in you, and spend time thinking and praying about that word that spoke to your heart.

2.     Memorize scripture:

The first time I felt the Lord leading me to memorize scripture my reaction was, I couldn’t do that, I don’t know how!

But through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and some study on how other people memorized scripture, I have found scripture memorization to be a powerful tool in my belt of truth.

These few things alone, done on a regular basis, can take you to a new level in your faith and in your spiritual growth. We are saved by grace through our Lord Jesus Christ, but our spiritual growth is up to us. We make the decision to read the word, communicate with God through prayer and memorize scripture.

The Lord Bless you and Keep you today as you draw encouragement and strength from His word!



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