You’ve Been Waiting A Long Time

doorI like to be quiet and listen for the Lord while I take my walks.

Today was no different.

I walked along for a little over half a mile when I heard Him. In my mind, I saw a picture of doors opening, more than one. It was as if I was standing in the middle of them and they were opening on every side.

But then, there was the door my husband and I have been waiting for. It was a heavy ornate wooden door, with an antique looking knob, and we have been waiting for that door to open for a long time.

For us, it is moving to a different place the Lord has put on our hearts. We don’t even know why, but our hearts ache to be in this place, and we know He has something for us there, but we don’t even know exactly what. It’s a desire He has put in both our hearts, and we’ve been waiting years.

Today, I saw this door. The door we’ve been waiting for, and it opened a little bit. I could almost hear the creek as it gently swung open to reveal a tiny light on inside of it.  Looking from the outside I knew that the Lord was in there, getting things ready for us.

And I heard Him say, “Don’t Rush.”

I thought about how long we’ve waited for this. To see that door open at all is amazing. How tempting it could be to rush in, but then… if we did, would we miss something the Lord had for us? Would we rush in and have things not line up like He wanted?

It can be hard to wait for the Lord at times, I know I know I know. But I felt that He would have me share the picture, and the message with someone else too.

He’s opening doors. Things are beginning to move, and the door, the one you’ve waited on for it seems like forever is just starting to open. He’s turning on the light, and He’s preparing things for you.

Don’t rush.

Follow His leading and guidance.

Seek His wisdom and discernment in prayer.

Let Him show you the way.



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