An Invitation To Worship

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“What happened Lord? I used to feel you. I used to hear your voice. Now I hear nothing.”

The realization that I had let my spiritual life fall to the wayside hit hard. All the sudden one day I realized how very alone I felt. I asked this question of God and felt like it didn’t go beyond my ceiling.

For days I kept asking the same question, over and over. All of the sudden I was filled with such a deep longing to experience God’s presence.

A few days later after I asked that question yet again, I was reminded of a book someone had gotten me for my wedding shower. I knew exactly where it was, and when I opened it the first words I saw were about worship.

I decided that’s where I would start my journey back into the Lord’s presence.

Every day I set aside thirty minutes to worship the Lord.

This one habit was the thing that led to a changed life.

For during this thirty minutes of praise and worship is where I lifted my heart to the Lord, but where I also felt his gentle whispers directing my life and showing me which way to go.

It was in prayer and worship that he directed me to go to Bible College, and attend Cleansing Stream, which was a life changer for me.

I encourage you to take some time to spend with the Lord each Day in worship and prayer. It literally could change your life.




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