The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. Psalm 23:1

He is always watching over me. He calls out to me, will I listen or run away? If I run, He will search for me. If I listen, he is pleased.

I can look to him to meet every need. There is no need to look elsewhere. I can trust him even if I have to wait. He only wants the best for me.

Every day  I can look to him and he will be there, watching over me, providing for my needs. I can trust him, for he knows what I need even better than I do.

He never leaves me.

He is my provider, but also my protector. If I will listen to him and heed his voice, I will be under his protection. Even when it doesn’t look like it, even when I’m fearful, my father fights the battles for me. I can trust him to do this.

I can turn my eyes from the things around me that make me afraid, and I can set my eyes on the great shepherd. See how his eyes look into mine, the great love in them!  I am his sheep, and he loves me.

I am never alone, for my father, the great shepherd  is with me.