A Surprise From God on Halloween

I didn’t have any plans last Halloween, except to go to lunch with my friend. Our family had been through some pretty chaotic months and our hearts were still on the ground. My friend was doing her best to listen and cheer me up.


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After we had eaten our lunch, and were walking back to my friend’s house, we waited at a stoplight for the walk signal when a man wearing a yamaka came and stood next to us.

My friend started up a conversation with him, and it turned out he was on his way to a Jewish service. He said all were welcome to come and told us where it was to be held if we wanted to attend.

My friend and I were excited; how many times do you get a chance to come to a Jewish service?

We went back to her house to put our leftovers in her fridge, and made our way the few blocks to a Jewish temple we had never noticed before.  We found that this was a group who practiced their Jewish faith, and also received Jesus as their savior.

The man who spoke, spoke from a seated position, at a table with others sitting around him. He taught from scripture and had a vast knowledge of what the original Hebrew words actually meant.  It was sacred, beautiful, deep and touching all at the same time.

After the teaching we were invited to stay for their prayer service. The tables were taken down, and the room split into two with a divider. In their prayer service, the men are on one side of the room and women on the other.

 On a day that is usually full of darkness, my friend and I got the privilege of experiencing something so deeply beautiful and sacred. The people were welcoming, glad that we came, and even invited us back. As one man put it, “Come back, because these are your roots.”

As This Halloween rolls around once again, I am praying that  it will again be a day full of God’s light.


 Heavenly Father, As Halloween approaches this year, would you protect us spiritually, and instead of the darkness that surrounds that day, would you give us the gift of experiencing your presence in mighty ways? In Jesus name we ask, Amen.


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  1. This is very interesting, Carolyn. Even refreshing and encouraging for the heart that longs to see Light on a dark day that many tend to celebrate. (Halloween) Attending the Jewish service sounds amazing. I can’t begin to imagine how it was yet I visualize it through your writings! Thank you so much .

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