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id-100177421“And I would like to invite you onto my radio program,” Athena said over the phone.

Tears came to my eyes, as I told her yes,  I would be interested.

I had submitted my book to Redemption Press after two years of struggle and discouragement, while God kept encouraging me to write it. Finally I had buckled down and finished in a matter of months.

I said no to things that were taking up my writing time,  things that I loved and things that I didn’t. I  spent my days pouring my heart out onto the page, tears falling as I shared  the memories  and praise coming from my lips at what God has done. Some days it was like God was speaking directly to me through my own writing.

Then came the revisions. I started out with 140 devotions, and whittled it down to 90.

And finally  I was finished.

Oh Happy was the day I finally submitted that manuscript!

The book is done and out to retailers, and  this week, I meet with Athena to interview on her radio program Always Faithful.

It will air this Friday at 1pm Pacific Time  and again Sunday at 9am on AM KCIS 630.

I would love your prayers, and if you’d like, tune in!






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Lord, I’m Broken is now available.




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