3 thoughts on “Forgive, Release, and Ask for Healing

  1. wearechrists

    There is nothing like when our Lord shows how to forgive. Our little finite mind’s, emotion’s, and our will; always finds its way to not want to forgive. God is so faithful in teaching us why taking the High road (His road), will give us a love for that person’s soul, saved or not, because He Loves that person. The High road teaches us that we cannot love anyone without the unconditional Love of God in our heart’s. It is impossible to forgive any one person truly, unless we can truly forgive them. No matter what they have done, or didn’t do, or we could be altogether wrong about our perspective about the situation. Nonetheless, un-forgiveness seperates us from God. “It is better to obey than sacrifice,” the Bible tells us. The Lord also tells us, “If you forgive others, I will forgive you.” This is something that will never go away because someone or a family member, or brother or sister, will offend us. It’s not a matter of will it happen, but when will it happen. It just doesn’t pay to let pride go before a fall, as it says in Proverbs. We need to learn how to love unconditionally and be peace keeper’s whether or not the other person receives it.


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