The Man On His Knees

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My feet thudded on the pavement as I took my morning walk. It was an especially quiet morning, and I was enjoying peaceful moments with the Lord.

I started a bit when I noticed an older man, down on his knees working on a fence.  I hadn’t seen him there.

I walked on.

And on my way back, I passed the man again, diligently working on the bottom of that fence.

That’s when the Lord spoke to my heart.

Just as that man was on his knees working, so the Lord is working on our behalf. We may not see Him, or even notice what He’s doing until we come right upon it, but He is there, diligently working behind the scenes. He never sleeps, never slumbers, and is always at work.

So whatever you are worried about today, whatever battle you have struggled with, leave it in His hands. Lay your head down to rest tonight, knowing that the Lord is working, even when you can’t see Him.


Lord, I release this battle to you. I release every worry, fear and anxious thought into your hands. This is your battle and not mine. Teach me to rest in you. I choose to trust you, Lord. In Jesus name, amen.

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