Joy is Coming

joy is comingThis morning as I sat with the Lord, I was impressed with the thought that a new season is coming.

Not just in the natural, but in the spirit.

And as I prayed, I began to see a picture of where we as a family have been. It was dark and bare, there were no leaves on the trees…and it seemed cold.

But then, I saw where we were going.

Green, green, green. The leaves were green, the land lush, the trees no longer looked dead but alive. And on those green leaves on the tree hung ornaments, like we hang at Christmas time, only these ornaments were all the same.

Each one of them spelled the word Joy.

My family and I have been through one of the roughest seasons we’ve ever walked through this past year. I’ve cried out for healing again and again, but our hearts still ache.

I saw a picture of all of us standing there, and God rubbed a healing balm upon our hearts.

Joy is coming.

Healing is coming.

As I wrote what I saw in my prayer journal, I felt so impressed that this is a word for me, but also for you.

Joy is coming.

Healing is coming.

He has heard our cries, and our Father is coming, with healing Balm, and will walk with us into a new season, filled with life, filled with joy.

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