When You Feel You Just Cannot Go On …

Image Courtesy of thepathtraveler/freedigitalphotos.net

Image Courtesy of thepathtraveler/freedigitalphotos.net

Sometimes it’s hard to stay in faith when you keep getting knocked down, but it is possible.

Many of us who are pursuing God with our whole hearts meet with persecution.  I cannot know myself what you are going through, but I can share my story with you and hope that you receive encouragement from it.

The persecution I received came from someone I could not just walk away from. At times I felt I could not go on anymore. It was wearisome and discouraging to encounter abuse from people that were supposed to be for me, and then also be treated badly because of what these people had said about me to others.

At one point I didn’t know if I could go on any longer. This situation had lasted for more than ten years, and I was deeply discouraged.

I walked down for prayer after services at my church. When a prayer partner was available, I tried to tell her of my situation, but could not stop the tears from falling. I had felt alone for so long.

Compassion welled up in her eyes.She placed her hand on my shoulder and began to pray.

I closed my eyes and listened to her prayer. But then I was distracted by the feeling of a hand on the back of my other shoulder. I opened my eyes to peek back at who was agreeing with us in prayer, and there was no physical person there. From that experience I felt the Lord was showing me that He was with me and I definitely was not alone.

Dear one, whenever you are suffering, when you are grieving so hard you can’t get out of bed, or you feel so alone in the attacks and circumstances around you, like no one understands, I hope you will remember that even if there is not a physical person there with you, Jesus is there. He sees and knows your situation better than any person with skin on ever could. He is there for you and you are not alone.

Instead of looking down in discouragement, look up to Jesus. Declare that you know you are not alone and that He is with you. Cry out your tears and discouragement, for he knows the trouble you have gone through, he knows your hearts cry, and you are not alone in your suffering.

Jesus I pray that as you revealed yourself to me that day, that you would reveal yourself to my brothers and sisters whose hearts are breaking at the things going on in their lives and the lives around them. Encourage them with divine encouragement. Let them see and feel signs of your presence in their lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

© Carolyn Rice 2015

4 thoughts on “When You Feel You Just Cannot Go On …

  1. I have literally felt His Touch on more than occasion. He’s the reason I keep doing what I do and getting up every morning, going where I need to go because I know with Him, I’m never alone. Thanks for the post!


  2. Thank you for this. You have know idea how timely this is and as I read your words I immediately thought of 1 Cor 1:4. I too have had an ongoing situation with certain family members ( for going on 5 years), and as hard as it is to deal with at times, it’s even more so when you think you’re all alone. Jesus is with us, and I take comfort in words that you clearly shared from your heart. God bless! ❤️


    • Thank you for your comment and the reminder of this verse. I am so glad this spoke to your heart. I’m praying for your situation. God bless you and comfort you.


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