Are We Holding On to Offenses?

image courtesy of Mister GC/

image courtesy of Mister GC/

Against you, you only have I sinned….~ Psalm 51:4 NIV

I read this scripture this morning and I  realized something. When people sin against us, they’re really sinning against God. This Psalm is about David, when he was confronted about his sin with Bathsheba (2 Sam 11).

A while ago I was having a hard time forgiving someone. Either the person would offend again (this was a situation that went on for years) or something would remind me of the hurt they had caused and I would have to forgive again. One day when my husband and I were on our walk, he told me that he saw the Lord was being held back by my unforgiveness.

I kid you not, when I forgave, from my heart…the Lord stepped in and started to work in this situation.

As long as we hold on to offenses and don’t walk in forgiveness, we could actually be holding God back from working in our situations.

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