Giving It Over

Photo Courtesy of Phasinphoto/

Photo Courtesy of Phasinphoto/

In one of our Pastor’s recent sermons, he talked about when his daughters were little, and his family would travel. He told us when his daughters were old enough, he got them their own little rolling suitcases and told them they could carry their own stuff now, and he did this as soon as they were able.

He talked about how proud his little girls were to be helping, to be carrying something of their own.

As I read my Bible this morning, I realized that I need to let my daughter carry her own stuff. I can’t carry the pain, anxiety or worry over her anymore. It’s draining me, and I have other things to do. This may sound harsh but if she wants to go out and destroy her life that’s her problem. She has to carry the consequences of that.

There have been so many people who have given me advice on this. It has ranged from take a step back to If you’re not involved in her life you’re going to regret it. Everyone has an opinion. But the truth is, I cannot follow man’s opinions, only the opinion and leading of my Father in heaven.

And his leading right now is…She needs to carry her own stuff.

I can’t carry it for her anymore. I can’t worry over her and cry over her and wish she’d turn around and make the right decisions. I have to hand her over to the Lord, the maker of her soul, and give her to him. Only when I’ve completely given her over to him, will I have peace.

It’s time to get up and start leading my own life again, doing the things that my Father has called me to do, and let him take care of her; he can do it so much better than I can.

I know that I will probably have to do this daily for a while, but it is much better than trying to carry her stuff as well as mine. I need to give the burden to the Lord, and let him keep it.

5 thoughts on “Giving It Over

  1. And The Lord will guide you in all things because He loves you. You will know what to do at each step along this path and will be there when she reaches the end of herself and is willing to receive wisdom from you. I’ve been there and I know that He is bigger than any problem we could ever have. God bless!


  2. Very good, Carolyn. We can want something so badly for our children, but they have to want it for themselves before they will make the effort to have it. Only God is able to convince them of the path that is best for them to travel. Now you can trust Him to keep what you have committed to Him. He will do that!

    God bless!


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