The Expected End

Photo Credit/Billy Alexander/

Photo Credit/Billy Alexander/

Everything has a beginning, and everything has an end.

I cannot keep looking at where my daughter is now, but at the expected end.

There have been people who have had dreams about her and told us about them, good dreams about the expected end. There have been people who have come up to me and said they could feel in their spirit she was coming back to the Lord. One friend who I called for prayer at one of my lowest points said, “In the end she will serve the Lord.”

It’s hard to focus on the end sometimes when the muck in the middle seems to keep splattering all over you. It’s hard to wipe it off and keep going. It’s hard not to give in to discouragement or even despair. But in the midst of all these things, we can stop…turn our eyes to Jesus, lift our hands, letting the muck slip away, and worship.

We can thank him for the expected end. The one he has put in our hearts, the one he has encouraged us with.

7 thoughts on “The Expected End

  1. Amen, Carolyn! Faith sees beyond the problems to the promise and proclaims the promise in the midst of the problem. God’s promises are “yes” and “amen” to the “glory of God through us”. It’s in the heat of the battle that the warrior has to lift his eyes to see the victory by faith. Keep worshiping, proclaiming God’s greatness in her life and the promises that He has given you regarding your child. Don’t let the enemy distract you or steal your peace. God has a better plan for you and your daughter which includes a good future! We go “through” the valley of the shadow of death but be sure not to camp out there!

    God bless you!


    • Thank you Avanell for your encouragement. I love how you put that, faith proclaims the promise in the midst of the problem. God has been working on me in that area. And you’re right, I cannot continue to camp out in the valley! God Bless you!


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