Never Say Never, It Might Make God Laugh


My graduation in 2010

Next week, I’m starting school again.

The first time I went through Bible College, I looked at the public speaking class they offered, and said to myself, I’ll never need that! At the time I was shy, quiet, and very fearful. I could not imagine myself speaking in public. So, I graduated without taking that class.

I think God wanted to laugh right away…. come to find out, I was speaking publicly at my graduation! I prayed in tongues until he gave me what to say, and then, when it came time to step on that platform I said,”It’s all you God, I know I can’t do this myself.”  That night I received many comments about how great my speaking was, I knew God had been with me.

Then, a few years later, my husband and I began teaching the Cleansing Stream class. The first time I spoke, I wrote it out and read it. The second time was a little more speaking but with lots of notes. Each time I spoke, it was with less time to prepare. Each time I relied on God to help me speak for Him and do his work, and each time, He was faithful to come through.

But I knew I still needed help. I should have taken that class.

About a year and a half ago I emailed the school asking when they would have it again, and they said they would make a note that I wanted to take it.  In November I got the call, if I was still interested they were having the class starting in January. I could come and take it at a special price for Alumni.

I’ve registered, paid, ordered my books. I’ve been looking forward to this. It’s so close, I’m starting to get a littler nervous. I know it will be a place for me to stretch and grow, and I know I will learn a lot, coming away with greater confidence and knowledge on public speaking.

As I step back on campus in January, I bet God’s going to smile. I know I am. Never say never, it might make God laugh:)

God Bless you in this coming new year!

10 thoughts on “Never Say Never, It Might Make God Laugh

  1. Congratulations! You can do it! I’ve been there and know God laughed at me through my Ph.D. program (He’s probably still laughing because I completed all but the dissertation. Lost my interest in the subject matter.) God Bless and we’ll be praying for your success in 2014 and beyond!


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