Answered Prayers

Image Courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/

Image Courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/

It has been a long time since I’ve written.

I’ve gotten published, and am excited about that. But also, a most wonderful thing happened.

This woman from our church and I used to go to Bible study together. We haven’t really seen each other in years, except to maybe wave if we saw one another. I didn’t know this, but she started heading up the missions to Haiti at our church, and has since started a non-profit ministry to Haiti. She wanted to put her website together but was having a hard time with the writing.

She was praying and praying for someone to help her with it.

One Sunday, we just “happened” to sit near each other at church. Something told me not to leave without saying hello to her. And so I did, and we began to talk. One thing led to another and here I am, in the midst of editing her content for the ministry to Haiti. I’ve had a wonderful time.

The stories of the students that have been helped  is the thing that most touched my heart. I learned so much about their lives and what they’ve gone through, and amazing testimonies of how God has answered prayers. In editing, I have read the stories over many times, and each time, they’ve touched my heart.

I find it amazing that often I’ve prayed, asking God what he wants me to do with my writing, and he led me to this woman who has prayed for someone to help her write. I loved her comment after we talked that Sunday, “I don’t usually sit over here. I just felt like I should sit here today.”

Isn’t God amazing?

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  1. Congrats on getting published, Carolyn! I’ve missed you and am glad to get to see that you’ve written another blog! Keep on writing and blessing others with your knowledge!

    God bless!


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