Comparing Yourself to Others

Image courtesy of grasspigg/

Image courtesy of grasspigg/

Imagine with me a man who decides to start running. He hasn’t run in quite a while, actually, age has crept up on him, and he has overcome many injuries, each one taking its toll.

The first day, all his body can bear is two minutes. But he isn’t excited that he’s run for the first time in years. Instead, his gaze is on that of a young man who ran past him.

How unfair it is for this man to do that to himself! Don’t you think he should rejoice in the fact that he ran two minutes for the first time in years?

I used to do this to myself all the time. I was broken and hurting, coming out of much abuse and a life of heartache. Yet I would compare myself with others who hadn’t experienced those things.

The only person you need to compare yourself to is yourself. Look how far you have come! Not how far you have to go to be like another person. Keep pressing forward with Jesus, hanging on to Him, letting Him lead you into wholeness.

You’re doing better than you did yesterday; you’re walking with Jesus by your side. Look how far you’ve come! Look how far Jesus has brought you!