What I learned From An Eighty Year Old Man

Image Courtesty of geww/freedigitalphotos.net

Image Courtesty of geww/freedigitalphotos.net

Pastor Z stood behind the pew at the front of the class, looking at each one of us with a seriousness in his eyes.

He told us a story of being in the military, and how he would kneel down on his bed every morning to read his Bible and pray. The other men poked fun at him, and one day he lost his temper and started to storm out. Then just as he got to the door, he heard the Holy Spirit say something to him. I wish I could remember what it was.

But I do remember what Pastor Z said next. Because of what the Holy Spirit said to him,  instead of storming out, he turned around and faced the men in the barracks. “I am a Christian, and in order to be a good one, I need to read my Bible! And I’m going to read my Bible every day, no matter how much you scoff.”

And every morning, he read his Bible. The men didn’t bother him anymore.

I knew that I wanted to be like Pastor Z. I want to read my Bible and seek the Lord all the days of my life, into old age. I don’t ever want to look at the wonderful Word of God and think I know everything that’s in there, because every time I read it, the Lord shows me something new.  We are never ever going to know it all while on this earth. But we can keep seeking the Lord and walking in his presence every day.

That’s what I learned from an eighty year old man.

6 thoughts on “What I learned From An Eighty Year Old Man

  1. Trailblazers go before us to blaze a trail for us to follow. Likewise, we can be trailblazers for those that follow behind us. Who will it be that says that same thing about you when you reach 80 and they are following? Thanks for being a trailblazer, Carolyn!


  2. I really, really love that story Carolyn. Good for Pastor Z…straight to the point…that’s the way the Holy Spirit does it. What you said about seeing something new everyday is so true. My son once said to me that it’s like someone comes in the middle of the night and writes more in the Bible, because every time you look at it you seem to find something completely new…or at least seeing something in a completely new light. Either way, it’s true.

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend full of blessings,



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