An Encouraging Word

Image courtesy of Felixco Inc./

Image courtesy of Felixco Inc./

“Another Letter? What!!?”

Even though I had kept in touch with the school and tried to do everything right, still, I was getting letters from them warning me about my daughter’s absences and how it could affect her grades. She had been very sick. The policy at school was that after three days of absences I could go to the school and pick up her homework for her.

On the fourth day of the sickness she felt like she could  go back to school. But within an hour she was being sent home. Another two school days later I still was not allowed to get her homework for her because she’d been to school within the last three school days.

With this new letter in my hand, anger rose up within me and I decided I would email the contact person and give them a piece of my mind. And without thinking, that is what I did. I sent them a nasty email, noting all the things I had done to help my daughter through this sickness with her schoolwork and how the schools policies were denying her that help.

In a few days I sat in this man’s office meeting with him about this, I was still angry.

Months went by.  I didn’t think much about it.

Then one day while I was in prayer, this man came to my mind, and the Lord had me praying for him.  For the next few weeks the same prayer came up almost every day.

Finally one day as I was getting dressed, I can’t really explain it except I knew that I knew I needed to call this man.

I left a message and he called me back soon after.

I took a deep breath and said, “This may sound kind of weird….but ….I have a feeling you pray for the kids.”

He hesitated for a moment, and then almost in a whisper he said, “I do.”

After hearing his answer I went on. “I also have a feeling that you’ve been wondering if your prayers matter, and God wants you to know that you’re prayers do matter, they’re making a difference.”

I could hear the emotions in this man’s voice as he responded… “Thank you. Thank you.”

This man was deeply touched by the words God had for him. I was deeply touched that I got to be the one to give the words. I was also deeply moved and learned a great lesson about taking our frustrations out on people.  The man I had given a piece of my mind was the man God wanted to have an encouraging word.

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  1. You see, this is exactly how it all works…great post Carolyn. It’s not easy to keep our cool with every situation, but underlying each one is a prayer waiting to be said. Though I’ve noticed lately that when I pray for others causing havoc in others’ lives it seems to get worse.

    Enjoy a calm day,



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