Worship While You Work

Photo Credit Cieleke sxc.hu

Photo Credit Cieleke sxc.hu

The housework seemed overwhelming. Every time I looked, there seemed to be a new mess to clean up. I became overwhelmed, and when I’m overwhelmed, I’m grumpy.

One day I said, “Lord, would you help me with this house and everything that needs to get done?”

A few days later I read about Flylady as I was flipping through a magazine. Her teaching is that small routines will get the big jobs done.

I don’t pretend to have it all together, but truly, it has helped over the years.

One thing she talks about is worshipping her way through her housecleaning in the morning. What a way to start your day. I love that.  I will often pray as I go about my daily routines. I didn’t feel like it made much of a difference, but the more I did it, the more I realized how much more in tune I felt with the Lord.

I love to set aside time to worship and pray. But sometimes, when life comes at you, you can worship and pray as you shower and get ready in the morning, as you do your dishes, as you pick up the house. And, you’ll find that worshipping and praying throughout your house, throughout your day, somehow changes the atmosphere to that of peace.

4 thoughts on “Worship While You Work

  1. Brother Lawrence talked about that in his book, “Practicing The Presence”. By doing that you are inviting the Lord into not just your spiritual life, but every part of your life. We are spirit, soul and body; three in one, just as He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When you worship Him in all areas you are bringing His presence into every aspect of life, your whole world is filled with His presence! My quiet time is not the only time I spend with Him, but every moment of every day is filled with an awareness of His interaction in my life as I go about my daily chores worshiping and talking with Him! Thank you, Carolyn! God bless you.


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