Could it Be?

Photo Credit Robby M

Photo Credit Robby M

I don’t even remember where I was anymore.

But I do remember sitting with a woman, years ago, and sharing with her about things that were going on in my life and things that I had been through. I don’t even remember who she was, the memory is that vague. But I do know she was a Christian, and when she had heard the things I went through and that were going on, I have not ever been able to forget the words she spoke.

“You must be someone who is going to do something really good.”

I remember leaving that conversation a little confused. How could I be someone who could do something really good, when everything around me seemed to be going wrong? I didn’t come from a nice Christian family, there was abuse all around me, and no matter how hard I tried at that time, I felt I would never have a “normal” life.

But yet, her words would not leave me. For years they stuck with me.

Years and years later, after I enrolled in Bible College, I began to learn about the people in the Bible. The people God used did not come from nice Christian families either. Some had abuse in their lives, and they all had a lot to overcome. It was only by holding firmly to God and following His leading in their lives that they made it through and lived in victory. And it didn’t always happen overnight.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve been through what you have; if you’ve ever wondered where God was when that happened, and why He didn’t stop those things from happening…could it possibly be that God has a plan to use you and what you’ve been through for His kingdom?

Could it be that He wants to heal you and restore your life, so that it can be a testimony to others about what He can do? I know that in the midst of pain and suffering these aren’t words anyone really wants to hear. Instead we’d rather have things nice and normal, pain and suffering free.

But what if you let God in? What if you let Him restore your life and heal your wounds? What if instead of being bitter you decide to do things God’s way and forgive? Could it be, that your heavenly Father has a plan to make something beautiful for you, more than you can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20), and He wants to give you something that is so much better than it ever could have been if those things hadn’t happened?

Could it be that those things that happened to you have actually shaped you into the person you are, because God has plans for you and you have a destiny?

Father I come to you right now and ask forgiveness for blaming you for things that happened, for blaming you for things that I thought should have been different. I come to you, my heavenly Father, and ask that you would come into my heart, heal these wounds and unbind my heart. Restore my life I pray. Thank you Father that you know the plans you have for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). In Jesus name, Amen.