Stop Pushing and Pray

IMG_7247bI spent many years praying for my husband.

He was comfortable. If he went to church at all he was happy to sit in the back and watch from the sidelines. He didn’t want to get involved. Part of me wondered if he only went to church because I wanted him to.

I felt God’s calling and leading to join in, to get involved. First, I joined the prayer team. My husband was Ok with that, but didn’t want to be part of it. I went to Bible College. He supported me, but didn’t want me to think he was coming along.

All this time I felt the Lord speaking to me about the things we would be doing together. I wondered if I was hearing right. One day while at an Aglow meeting, a woman I hardly knew took hold of my hand. She looked into my eyes and said, “You’re husband will be a priest and a prophet, and he will speak the word of God over you.”

I held onto those words with all my heart, and prayed some more.
Slowly, things began to change.

He began working in the children’s ministry. He started taking classes with me at the church. We enrolled in the Cleansing Stream Discipleship class and that changed everything. He went from a man who would rather sit in the back, to a man who is a leader. He started Bible College in January. This month we went from co-leading to taking full leadership of the Cleansing Stream class at our church.

I look at how far we’ve both come. I was growing right alongside of him as he began stepping out. I am amazed at what God has done.

Sometimes we speak with other women who feel their husbands are just comfortable. I would like to share something my husband has said to all of them.

He says, “When I felt she was pushing me, I wouldn’t budge. It was when she stopped pushing and just started praying for me that I came around.”

Wives, pray for your husbands, but don’t push. Live your life as an example before him. Continue growing in the Lord and trust that God will bring him around. Commit your husband into the Lord’s hands. Let the Lord do the work. He can do so much more than any of our pushing ever could.

5 thoughts on “Stop Pushing and Pray

  1. Sister! It’s such an encouraging testimony and has really moved me. We human always try to push because we depend on ourselves but when we pray then we depend on God who does wonders.

    Thanks for sharing your life. Stay blessed.

    Regards, Chiradeep


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