I think of God walking amongst his own garden, with all the flowers He’s planted. He is the master gardener, and He knows just how to make each flower grow. He knows what each one needs.

When we surrender to the Lord, we give Him permission to come in and change our lives. We give Him permission to take off our old dead petals so that new ones can grow. We give Him permission to remove the bugs that would come and try to eat our leaves and petals, and to remove the weeds that would suck up the nourishment we need.

But if one of the flowers declares that it won’t trust the gardener, and wants to do things itself, God will keep His hands off. He is a gentleman and only comes with an invitation. He will sadly watch as the bugs overtake, the weeds grow tall, and the flower begins to shrivel for lack of nourishment, until it finally cries out to the gardener that it surrenders and needs His help.

Dear one, the Master Gardener is waiting for your call. It’s not that He won’t help you; it’s that He’s waiting for an invitation, and permission to do things His way.