What Direction Are Your Arrows Going?

As you can tell from my picture I shoot a bow and arrow.

 When I shoot my bow, I stand in a certain position. I keep one elbow straight, and I pull the string on my bow back to my cheek. This is all so the arrow will go in the direction I want it to.  I make sure my arrow is in the right position, and look down the arrow to the target, lining it up with where I want it to go.  At this point my focus is completely on where I want my arrow to go.

 I was thinking about that this morning,  and how it’s the same way with our walk with the Lord.The Lord has been leading us in a certain direction or called us to something.  In order to get there we have to stay in position and keep our focus on where we want to go. Every decision we make can be like one of those arrows. If we get distracted from our goals, we turn to the left or to the right, and our arrows are not hitting the target at all.

 It’s important to weigh every single decision we make with the goal God has set before us. We can ask ourselves, does that decision line up with what God is calling me to do right now? If the answer is no, don’t turn. Keep your focus on what God has called you to. Weigh every decision with that in mind, and watch your arrows hit the target.

© Carolyn Rice 2013

5 thoughts on “What Direction Are Your Arrows Going?

  1. This is so timely, and definitely gave me some food for thought. For true success in 2013 and beyond, all our decisions (big and small) must be God-led! Thanks for the share and Happy New Year to you!!


    • I agree it’s both big and small decisions. Happy New Year to you As well! May the Lord Bless you and keep you, May He make his face to shine upon you and give you peace in this new year.


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