The Avenue to Freedom

I walked into the Cleansing Stream Discipleship class nervous, but knowing I was supposed to be there. One of the first things our teacher did was have each one of us introduce ourselves and tell how we came to Christ.

When it was my turn to talk, I told my story, but afterwards I shook. I was so afraid of having people see me, really see me. For most of my life I had been hiding, and God was pushing me out of my comfort zone.

As the year went on, I was able to grow more and more transparent around the people in the class. We were all sharing and praying for one another. I realized this was a safe place, and I began to relax. In that class friendships were made that would last a lifetime.

In order to receive healing, we need to be able to be transparent with each other in a safe environment (James 5:16). If all we ever see is the masks that people wear, how will we be able to help one another?

For me, this all started with someone inviting my husband and I to a Cleansing Stream Seminar.

After the seminar, we were invited back to become intercessors at the retreats.

And finally, we entered the Discipleship class, which trained us up for leadership.

God used this class to change my life. I am more confident, bold, outspoken, and more free than I have ever been. Instead of hiding, I now have many friends. I learned not to be afraid of letting people truly know me. Not only was I set free, but I learned how to help others experience freedom as well.

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