Pretty Rocks

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our  15th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, he took me to the place where we had gone for our honeymoon.

We had a wonderful time having dinner at the hotel, and  the next day we walked around town, which was situated right on the water. We had lunch on a restaurant deck, right next to the shoreline.

One of the stores we saw had a window full of pretty rocks, the kind my grandma use to have at her house when I would come. They were shiny on  the outside, but inside they had all kinds of colors in different patterns.

I wanted to go into the store to see them and maybe take one home. We turned the corner to walk in when I was met by a sign on the door that said Psychic Readings Today. As soon as I saw it I knew I shouldn’t go into that store. I walked away, hoping I’d see the pretty rocks somewhere else in town.

Sometimes I think that’s how the enemy draws us into sin, we see something pretty, that shiny pretty rock. When met with signs that should serve as warnings we have a decision to make, will we ignore the warning, that check in our spirit…or will we heed it?