Just Say Thank You

One thing that helps me trust my heavenly father is to speak his word.

When we speak the truth of what our heavenly father says, it goes into our spirit and is planted; we begin to believe it. Speaking the truth uproots the lies of the enemy. The Lord’s word will not return to him void, it will go out and do that which he has called it to do (Isaiah 55:11).

When I was younger I had a hard time taking compliments. People would say something nice and I would reject it and tell them they were wrong. One day a wonderful person said to me,  “Just say thank you.” From then on that is what I did.

It is the same with what God says in his word. When we see a truth in the Bible, we can just say thank you. “Thank you Jesus, I receive the truth about what you have said.”

There are two things people do with truth; they accept it or reject it. Will you accept what the father says about you?

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