Mommy, Who’s God?

I lay in bed with the door open when I was five, listening to my mom and aunt talk. One of them used the phrase, “God only knows.” I couldn’t figure out who they were talking about and I just had to know.

I got out of bed and stepped into the hallway. “Who’s God?”

My mother told me to go back to bed. But my aunt pointed to the ceiling, “He’s the big guy up in the sky.”

I went to sleep that night thinking of a big man in the sky, like the giant in Jack in the beanstalk.

A few days later, I was still thinking about God.

I played with two little girls my age that lived across the street. While I was there, I asked their mom who God was.

This woman was a Christian, and spent much time feeding a little girl’s spirit who wanted to know God.

Thank you my friend,  for taking the time to tell me about my Father in heaven. God Bless you.

© Carolyn Rice 2012

One thought on “Mommy, Who’s God?

  1. Praises & thanks to the Almighty and for His plans, because of His plans we few are included to know HIM personally. As there are many who doesn’t even heard His wonderful name till now.


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