I Am In His Hands

To you, o Lord, I lift up my soul (Psalm 25:1 NIV).

I can lift everything going on in my mind, will and emotions to my heavenly Father. He is big enough to handle it. I can place myself in his hands, and I can trust that no one will snatch me out of them (John 10:29).

All this time, I’ve really been in his hands. There was no reason for me to fear; because whatever happened or does happen, no one can ever take me out of my Father’s hands.

When I was in need of great healing, my pastor friend sat with me in her office and said, “I want you to picture where you really are.” She waited while I closed my eyes and asked God for that picture. I saw myself  sitting in my heavenly Father’s hands. They were so big, they could hold me securely. There was no chance of me falling out of them.

So no matter what has happened or will happen, I am always in my Father’s hands. He will never let me go. That’s where I really am.