He Leads Me On A Divine Path

Psalm 23:3 He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake (NIV).

The Lord has led me on a path of restoration. He leaves gifts upon the path, and when I open them, I become  more whole than I was before. He does this not because of me but because of what he did, and because of his love for me.

I remember one of my first days at Bible College, they prayed over the new students. A man came and placed his hand on my head and began to speak words by the Spirit that touched my heart deeply.

“That’s not who you are anymore!” He said, “When he looks at you he sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ. While you’re here you are going to renew your mind, and those lies are going back to the pit of hell where they belong.”

God led me to that college divinely.

When I graduated, I had to wait a while before I found what out was next, but God led me that way too. And there was even more restoration.

Today I have the privilege of working with my husband in a restoration ministry. Even when we are ministering to others, I am still being ministered to myself.

Don’t be afraid to walk the divine path God has called you to. Don’t be afraid to step out. Oh yes, there was opposition for me, even from family members. In the beginning, it was hard. But now that I see the results of following his path, I would have missed out on so much if I had gone my own way, if I had let people talk me out of what God had for me.

Ask the Lord today to reveal to you the divine paths he wants you to go down. Know that he will be with you when you experience opposition. Don’t be hindered by it, it’s only the enemy trying to steal God’s best from you. Stand up and walk through, knowing your heavenly father is holding your hand through it all. You can cry on his shoulder, you can spend that time in his presence and he will strengthen you. And when you have come through, you will see why the enemy wanted to stop you so badly. It’s that good.

If you are going down the path God has called you down and you are at that place wondering why he had you go through this, know that it gets better. Keep your eyes, mouth and ears on the word and your heavenly Father will lift you out of fear, anger and depression. You can get through this. It does get better. Keep on going, Keep going and see what the Lord has for you.

Hold your head high, for you are the child of the King of all Kings, and he has a royal, divine plan for your life. You are so important to him. You are strategically placed right where you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. All you have been through, all that you are is for such a time as this.

4 thoughts on “He Leads Me On A Divine Path

  1. 1woman2women

    This was right on time for me. I am looking to venture out of my comfort zone and I believe the Lord is leading me to do this. Thank you for writing this blog, Carolyn.


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